Friday, April 2, 2010

Positive Leadership

I was going through the Toastmasters International website for some tips on leadership. And I found that there are some great articles that can be of help to anyone who is already in a leadership position or wants to take one.

I came across a great link for positive leadership.
I have copied some text below from that article. But this link above further points to the complete PDF article which I believe is very well written with some great examples. If you have a few minutes, you may want to go through that complete PDF article.

How to be a leader others want to follow.

Examples abound of poor leadership. Who hasn’t had a teacher or boss who invoked feelings of disrespect? A positive leader is someone who inspires, motivates, energizes and unites, while generating loyalty and producing results. In his article for the Toastmaster magazine, Victor Parachin offers 10 rules on how to be that kind of leader:
  • Give more than you expect others to give.
  • Combine optimism and perseverance.
  • See everyone as a diamond in the rough.
  • Express appreciation; accept responsibility.
  • Keep your ego in check.
  • Show respect for the people around you.
  • Treat team members as family.
  • Be a source of inspiration.
  • Stress cooperation, not competition.
  • Maintain a sense of humor.

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